Victorious Mindset – Part 7

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Welcome this morning as we continue to look at the victorious mindset, and before I go on I want to take a moment and welcome all those that are joining us on the internet this morning; we love that you are a part of our community today and we pray that God just invades where you are at and really opens His word to you.
I also want to take the time to give you a couple of more exciting bits of information this morning; as you know; Laury and I are blessed with an awesome group of friends that serve us and this body on the church council; that group of people that prayerfully help us lead and hear collectively the Spirit for our community of faith. We have been going through some very exciting changes and additions lately and I want to introduce to you another outstanding lady who after much prayer has come on to our council, Mary Ellen Hansen.

Also we began a fast last week that we call a “negativity fast and a positivity feast”; a time that I believe has the potential to bring some very positive change to the way you think; remember, the word clearly declares that “what I believe I speak” understanding that I am going to have something to say about everything that comes up in my day; I will speak negatively, and empower the devil to influence my direction, or I can speak the positive, faith filled words of life.
Because we have years of speaking hopelessness and negativity, it may take some exercise to change not only the way I think but the way I speak also. We have a book that goes along with this fast, it is called “igniting faith in 40 days” and it is authored by a teacher of Laury’s and mine, Steve Backlund. The book is $12.00 and you can get it today and get started!!

Victorious Mindset – Part 7 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.