The Invisible War – Part 6

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Sermon Notes

The Invisible War Part 6

“The Steps To Overcoming Temptation” (continuation of last week)

So last week we took a very important and practical look at ways to avoid temptation; identify the things that make me vulnerable, plan to avoid temptation and the third was to guard your heart. Now if you were not able to be here I want to strongly go online or order the c.d. and listen to the service, in fact you can even download the handout.

So today we are going to look further into the steps to overcoming temptation and examine three more steps to overcoming temptation.

So if you are about to fall into temptation;

4. Pray for deliverance.

And sometimes the prayer is one word; HELP!! Doesn’t need to be this long flowery prayer a simple cry for help is a good one.