The Invisible War – Part 2

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Sermon Notes

So welcome this morning as we continue to study how temptation works, how it can be used to help to grow us up and it is also used by the devil to distract us and to destroy us.

This morning I want to talk to you about the process Satan uses when he tempts says “I don’t you to be ignorant of Satan’s devices” Satan is not a creator or is he original, and you can predict what he is going to do before he even does it!

You actually have today for notes a kind of chart and I want you to fill it in as we go and one of the things you are going to realize is that as you are tempted, Satan always uses the same three things to tempt you,.

The process;

  • Step one— doubt. It always begins with doubt.
  • Step two— deception. He always moves to deception.
  • Step three— detour. He always gives a detour.

This is the process he always uses when he brings temptation to you, it may take a millisecond but these things go through your mind but he always uses these steps.