Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul – Part 9

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Rebuilding the Walls – Part 9

“God’s View of Human Perfection”

We are in the middle of a series where we are taking an obscure book of the bible, Nehemiah and using it as an analogy of the Holy Spirit coming to complete and restore the human personality…

So as we continue we come to the question of how does God feel about my imperfections? Does He look on my human condition with disgust and fury or does He identify with me and regard me as His own? How does He view my brokenness and will He help me in the process of rebuilding my life?

So many of us think that God is really not very happy with us, that we have blown it so much that at his core, God is really not happy at all with us. We are aware of our sin, in fact some of us were brought into the kingdom by being made to realize that we are sinners…

So that breeds in us this feeling that God is in a bad mood and unhappy with us; we know we are sinners, but the thing we struggle with is coming to Jesus with an understanding that God made a way for us to escape the sin and be made complete and whole, we sin but He loved us so much He sent His own son to die for us.

So to move on in our restoration process that God so lovingly brings us too, we have to understand how God views our humanness and my present state of imperfection.