Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul – Part 8

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Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul –  Part 8

“Confession and Baptism with the Holy Spirit”

There is an amazing number of people that want Jesus to just perform a miracle and just snap his fingers and heal them completely; but often times, in fact most times it is a process of growth, learning to overcome the things in our past, a healing process that is on-going.

We are saved but the process of growing and being healed from the effects of poor choices and sin that has damaged and hurt us.

Some might wonder why I am not doing a Christmas message today; it is after all the season, but I can’t think of a better way to spend the season than to examine and understand that God sent His son to give us the choice of eternal life and the opportunity to be free of the junk that invades so many lives today.

How tragic the events in Connecticut this past week, and how quick my mind went to the fact that the terrible pain those people are in today will only be healed by the power the risen savior, and the sorrow that it could all have been avoided if that young troubled man had only met Jesus and allowed Him to bring healing to His soul.

A bold, but true statement! Politicians will make speeches, but the thing that is missing is the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives and heal and restore people.

We are in a study of the book of Nehemiah, using Nehemiah as an analogy of the work of the Holy Spirit working in our lives to rebuild the human personality that has been damaged by sin; sin that we did and sin that was done to us. Just as Nehemiah goes to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls of the city that was torn down; the temple was rebuilt 70 years earlier, but the walls were still in rubble and the gates of the city were destroyed and burned.

Those of us who are born again, we have the ability to worship God, like the temple in Jerusalem was rebuilt, we have a new spirit, but our personalities are still in shambles, our soul is in a state of dysfunction and ruin. The Holy Spirit comes now to restore our personalities so we can function and thrive in this world.