Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul Part 5

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So welcome to another week in our look at the analogy of Nehemiah returning to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and the work of the Holy Spirit in rebuilding the human personality. We come to Christ and we are born again, but our personality is still terribly distressed and without functionality; thank God that He sends His Spirit to live in us and to complete the work of restoring what has been destroyed by the evil we live with every day.

Before we go on, I want to give you a look at what we have coming in the weeks ahead.

Next week: Overruling the Adversary,  Freedom From Condemnation, Confession and the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, God’s View of Human Perfection, My Responsibility for Your Spiritual Growth, The Adversary’s Attack on Your Hope, Dealing with Doubts, The Influence of Evil Spirits on Believers, The Nature of Spiritual Bondage and so many more. You can tell that we are going to cover some very important and interesting topics.

The people living in Jerusalem at the time of the writing of the book of Nehemiah were there in a city that had no walls or gates so that the people were without protection and peace. The temple had been rebuilt so that they could worship, but the city was a virtual waste land, and therefore a reproach or embarrassment to the people living there. Much like the condition of many people who are born again but still dealing with the dysfunction of their past and they find they are afflicted and a reproach or embarrassment to themselves!

Like Nehemiah to those living in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit comes with the authority and power to complete the restoration of the human personality.