Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul – Part 17

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“Quenching, Resisting and Sinning Against the Holy Spirit”
As we continue in our study of the book of Nehemiah, where we are drawing an analogy of the working of the Holy Spirit as it compares to the working of Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of the city of Jerusalem.
What a journey we have been on, looking how the Lord has sent to us the Holy Spirit, to lead us in the process of rebuilding and restoring the human personality. We go through life and we make choices, or things are done to us that chip away and destroy our personalities, and we wind up asking ourselves if we are ever going to get our act together! “Am I ever going to get over the dysfunction that plagues my life and the choices I make?”
When we live our lives in the brokenness and dysfunction of our past, when our soul (mind, emotions) is broken and wounded, we are unable to be the ministers to our world that Jesus wants us to be. Your life is all about advancing the kingdom of God, in the end all that will matter is what you have done to advance what God is doing here and now.
Every day of your life, you get opportunities to encounter people who are lost and going to hell, wounded, broken, searching, hopeless people that are looking for answers.
What we do here, every time we get together, every bible study, class, alpha, cleansing streams, fast etc. is designed and aimed at enabling you to better reach your friends, for Jesus Christ.
Nothing else in the end will matter. To the believer, the devil has no higher job than to stop you from become whole!…
The Holy Spirit comes to help in the restoring process, and the question then is; what place does He play in my life and how do I cooperate with him?
Nehemiah 6:1-9…….