Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul – Part 15

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“Resisting the Attacks of the Adversary”

Neh. 4:11-23

We continue today in our study of the book of Nehemiah and the incredible analogy of the working of the Holy Spirit in restoring our personalities, and comparing that to the work of Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of the city of Jerusalem.

We go through life, and events happen that serve to destroy personalities and hamper our development and growth, we are literally crippled in our personalities and we just can’t seem to “get it together” and control our emotions, or even the choices we make.

This life is really incredible if you think about it; we are given life, 2 Peter 1:3 says that everything we need to have life is given to us, but then how we live life is really up to us, we get to choose how we will live. It’s really incredible to me.

So then why is it we will make wrong and painful choices, sometimes even knowing the choice we are about to make is going to really hurt?

I believe the answer can be found in the book of Nehemiah, an obscure book in the bible that few ever read, that could hold the keys to understanding the desire of the Spirit of God to come to help us in rebuilding the walls of our personalities so that we can make the right choices and live a full life.

We understand the enemy wants to destroy and kill us, he can’t get us to hell, so he will shoot all the hell at us he can, but where he means to destroy, God means to restore and bring real life!!