Rebuilding the Walls of the Human Soul – Part 14

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The Nature of Spiritual Bondage

The rebuilding of the human personality is likened to the rebuilding process that the people went through as they rebuilt the city of Jerusalem, it takes a long time, and it is not without opposition from an enemy that is interested in stopping the progress and in keeping you and I in bondage.

The restoring of the human personality takes time, there is no pill to take that makes the process happen overnight….

Salvation happens in a second, but the restoration of everything God wants for me and that I really want for myself takes time, it is not an instantaneous process. And the problem is that we can become very weary of the process and the frustration of getting over the “rubbish” in my life. It seems the minute we get something in our life healed, something else just seems to pop up and it seems a never ending process. But never forget, God is not giving up today or ever!

The enemy wants to create a point of bondage in your life, the question is what authority he has in your life…

Nehemiah 4:12-15, 22