February 2014

Rehab – The Women Who Got Serious About Forgiveness

So today I want to take us to meet a woman who you really don’t hear a lot from; her name is Rahab. She was a woman with a checkered past who would wind up in the lineage of the messiah, but she was an unlikely source of wisdom like a lot of other people […]

Enoch – The Man Who Walked With God

So a big welcome to all of you here on this super bowl Sunday, I have been amazed at all the Seahawk clothing I have this past week; I would hate to be a bronco fan! I am not even going to ask who is rooting for whom, so let’s just get going and let […]

January 2014

Moses – Grumblers in the Desert

How many of you have been around people that just seem to love to grumble and complain? They grumble about the weather, the people they work with, the lines at the grocery store, the refs at the football game, they complain about their spouse, they complain when they don’t have a spouse, the list goes […]

Abraham – The Father of Faith

Gamblers for God So as we continue looking at people who may have lived thousands of years ago, but they are not a whole lot different than we are, and we are able to look the situations they were in and gain some wisdom from them. Today I want to talk about a guy named […]

Living By Faith

What is Faith? We have been looking at people in the bible that I call “hero’s of legendary faith” people that were just like us but they did things that put them in a category that we can use to gain wisdom and insight from.  These men and women were the elite of God’s elite. […]