March 2014

Nicodemus – Going Public

So today we are going to hear from a spy, an undercover, covert operative that is right there in the bible and was hanging around Jesus. This is really cool stuff! I have to admit I always thought it would be fun to be a spy. Kind of a James Bond type of guy, I […]

Herod – The Sway of the Crowd

One of the really cool things about the bible is we get to sit and listen to life stories from people who lived thousands of years ago and left behind some really good advice. We can take a walk with kings and rulers, talk to poor people, widows, people who suffered but somehow came out […]

Noah: The Man Who Believed God

If you think about it, the bible is pretty impressive, it is God writing down these incredible raw accounts of men and women, hand-picked for us, so we can distill principles and gain wisdom form how they lived their lives. Some we look at and say; “I don’t want to do that”. Like last week, […]

February 2014

Absalom – A Case of Unforgiveness

The Gift of Forgiveness One of the greatest things our hearts will ever know is the gift of forgiveness. When we have learned this, we will have caught the very heart of God, if we miss it we have destined ourselves to really living below our potential. “If you kept record of our sins, no […]

A Life Lesson From Judas Iscariot

So I have been looking at the lives of people in the bible that I can look at and gain some insight and wisdom on how to live life and not make some of the mistakes that others make. We are going to hear from someone who seems to be the least likely of anyone […]