April 2014

Paul: Recalibrating Our Hearts

Going Our Way Instead of the Right Way Isn’t it true that we can be going in one direction, thinking it is right but really be headed the wrong way? If our compass is off, we can think we are going right, but we are going wrong. That’s the way it was with a man […]

Shadrach, Meshack, & Abednego – The Three Who Would Not Bow

So for the last couple of months, we have been looking at the lives of people in the bible and drawing some really good life lessons from their story, and applying them to our lives. These people are like extended family, you don’t see them every day, so once in a while you go to […]

March 2014

Mary – Learning to Listen

So as we have been doing for several weeks now, we are having a conversation with someone who lived thousands of years ago but they have a lot to say to us today. We get to take a walk and have a conversation with a couple of ladies today that knew Jesus really well, in […]

David – When is Enough, Enough?

When is enough… enough? A person’s answer to this particular question reveals a lot about them. It’s a matter of the heart because in the heart you will find either a greedy or a giving person. In your heart you will find you are secure or insecure, angry or patient, rich or poor. And in […]

Nicodemus – Going Public

So today we are going to hear from a spy, an undercover, covert operative that is right there in the bible and was hanging around Jesus. This is really cool stuff! I have to admit I always thought it would be fun to be a spy. Kind of a James Bond type of guy, I […]