October 2013

The God of New Beginnings

We have been taking a look at the lives of different people in the bible and taking a look at the way God uses them even in their brokenness and dysfunction; not to leave them in the condition but to watch as God takes them and renews them and does some pretty amazing thing with […]

Paul: The Man Who Thought He Was Right

When we come to the Lord, a lot of times our arrows are all inward. It can become all about me and what is in it for me: “What are you going to do for me? Is this a nice service for me? Does it appeal to my palette?” We need to turn those arrows, […]

Peter – The Man Who Gave Up

Promises! Promises! To promise is to solemnly declare that we will follow in a particular course. Promises are so easy to make, yet sometimes, so hard to keep. We have all made a promise or a commitment that we were unable to keep. When the seasons change or when the wind blows in a different […]

September 2013

Divine Decisions Part 6

Deciding Who You Will Be Each of us will have to make some very important decisions which will shape our future.  I think sometimes we forget that as Christians we have the ability to make choices that really improve our life; choices that bring us healing, prosperity and joy. The challenge is to take a […]

Divine Decisions Part 5

Converting Grief to Joy Everything around us is converted. The metal chair y are sitting on is converted from iron ore in the ground. Glass used to be silica and rock, mixed together. Cement was crushed rock and now is converted into a building. Conversion is life. Everything around us was in one lower form […]