January 2014

Abraham – The Father of Faith

Gamblers for God So as we continue looking at people who may have lived thousands of years ago, but they are not a whole lot different than we are, and we are able to look the situations they were in and gain some wisdom from them. Today I want to talk about a guy named […]

Living By Faith

What is Faith? We have been looking at people in the bible that I call “hero’s of legendary faith” people that were just like us but they did things that put them in a category that we can use to gain wisdom and insight from.  These men and women were the elite of God’s elite. […]

David – Servant Of God

If you  are reading in the book of Hebrews, and come upon chapter 11, you find a list of some men and women that I call the “hero’s of legendary faith.” People who did some pretty amazing things even though they were also pretty capable of some really dumb things. One of those is a […]

December 2013

Gideon – When Only A Miracle Will Do

Breakdown in Faith So over the last year or so I have been reading about and thinking about all these people in the bible, some great, did lots of good things, some started out really good, did lots of great things; but ended very bad. Some were obscure, not a lot told about them, but […]

The Greatest of Gifts – The Gift of Worship

Laury and I both come from pretty conservative religious backgrounds; I was raised in a staunchly conservative home, that was pretty void of all emotion. When it came to church life it was about as straight and rigid as you could get, not really criticizing just stating how I saw it. Laury and I had […]