November 2021

Lost & Found – Part 1

                                                     Lost and found                                                “the believers battle”       The soul is ___________________.             The soul must ______________ to the _____________. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed (“metamorphoo”) by the renewing of your mind ( literally “renovate”), that you may prove what is […]

October 2021

What Happens Next… – Part 10b

What Happens Next – Part 10

                            The End, What Happens Next – Part 10                                        “The Signs of the Times” Last days _________________.     _________________________.    False ________________.    ________________________.    _______________ times.    Heaped up ______________.    A _________________ church.   The fig tree sign.   The distress of _______________.         10. Days of ______________.   […]

What Happens Next – Part 9

                                           The End, What Happens Next?                                           “the new heaven and new earth”     What Will the New Heaven and New Earth _____________?     It’s a Place of Unimaginable ______________.     It’s a Place Where God’s Presence _____________________.       It Is a Place Where God Reigns and ___________________.     […]

What Happens Next – Part 8c

                                             The End, What Happens Next                                                      “the millennium”   The age of the church The rapture The tribulation The final coming of Christ as king The millennium reign of Christ on earth Satan’s Final Judgment The Great White Throne Judgment The New Heaven and New Earth     Will People that are alive today be in […]