Enoch – The Man Who Walked With God

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Sermon Notes

So a big welcome to all of you here on this super bowl Sunday, I have been amazed at all the Seahawk clothing I have this past week; I would hate to be a bronco fan! I am not even going to ask who is rooting for whom, so let’s just get going and let me share a few things with you this morning.

Speaking of the game, you realize that no matter how important this is to you, and no matter how much fun you are having with this game; in the long run it won’t matter?  Now I don’t mean to say it doesn’t matter, I just mean in the scheme of things eternal it wont matter who wins or looses…

There may be a dozen times in life when we have a divine intervention; when we realize all the things we were worried about aren’t that important.

For example, suppose you are someone who has contracted cancer. You are on a gurney going into surgery and you have only a 50-50 chance of survival. All the things that used to bother you do not concern you anymore. It comes down to a couple of things that are incredibly important. One we want to talk about is a genuine, vibrant, and real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the Lord will take us through times, where we are cruising at 32,000 feet and our plane starts to take a dip. When we are going down, there are only a couple of things that really matter. When the nose of our plane is barely touching that dirt, the Lord pulls us back up. Notice that when we are about to die, our heart is super open to whatever God has to say. Then when He pulls us up and we are cruising at 32,000 feet again, He tells us not to forget the lessons learned.

Sometimes when the nose of our plane is about to kiss the ground, we start to learn what is most important. The most important is our relationship with Jesus. Are we okay with God?

Sometimes we don’t know Jesus is all we need until He is all we have.

In Hebrews 11 is there is a man named Enoch who walked with God and their relationship is so vibrant, so pure, so honest that the Lord said, “This is what it is all about. If we take away everything else, this is it!”