Easter 2013 – Walls

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As you can probably tell from the set behind me, I’m going to talk to you about walls. Can anyone guess what’s the most famous wall that’s ever been built probably in all of human history? It’s the Great Wall of China. Four thousand miles long. Took a thousand years to build.

The Wall of China actually didn’t protect the country that well. Because it was so long and so difficult to defend, the enemies would just wait for when the guards weren’t around and they would hoist up ladders and crawl over the wall. So it didn’t really work that well.

Another famous wall is the Berlin Wall. If you grew up in my generation you heard about this almost every night on television.

And a third wall that I want to briefly reference is one that’s being build right now. A very unpopular wall that’s creating a lot of trouble in the Middle East. The Israelis are putting up this wall to distance themselves from the Palestinians. The wall is going to be 400 miles long. It’s a problem, and it’s exacerbating the tensions in the Middle East. And I hope you pray every day for peace in the Middle East and in other places in the world.

Those are some famous walls. The walls I want to spend time talking to you about aren’t very famous, but they’re very real to you. We use the expression sometimes that we ‘hit a wall.’

We’re going through life; something unexpected happens; and we run into a wall. And sometimes we hit it pretty hard.

These days I’m hearing so many people talk about the fact that they’re running into vocational walls. These are person who say they’re in a dead-end job and can’t get out of it: I don’t like it, but I need the pay. It doesn’t take full advantage of my potential. I’m in a dead-end job and it just feels like I’m hitting a wall every day. I hear a lot of people talk about that.

Then I hear other people who are at a vocational wall say: I don’t mind my job so much, but it’s not connected with anything that’s making the world a better place. I wish my job contributed to fixing parts of this broken world. All my job does is make my boss or the company owner wealthy. I wish it had a little more substance and world-changing nature to it.

A lot of people are hitting a vocational wall because they’ve lost their job and they can’t find a new one. This is a serious wall. Maybe you’ve hit a wall vocationally and you’re running out of money quickly and you don’t know what you’re going to do.

Some of us get past the vocational wall, or that particular adverse circumstance doesn’t strike us.