Divine Decisions Part 1

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Sermon Notes

Bad Decision?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We make about three hundred decisions every day. Some of them are as small as what shirt we were going to wear this morning to church and what shoes we were going to put on. Then, before we came to church, we had to decide whether or not we were going to comb our hair, use deodorant or change our socks from last week. Some of us are realizing right now we did not make the best decision. For others of us, our neighbors have already informed us that we did not make the best decision.

We all make some pretty bad ones. Let me ask you if this was a bad one. This man, Sam Phillips. He owned a small recording company in 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee, when RCA gave him a sterling offer to buy his recording company and the artists that he had signed up. Well, for $35,000 he was all for it. After all, he only had one recording artist that he had signed up. The only problem was that the recording artist was Elvis Presley. Over the next twelve years, he would forfeit the royalties of over one billion record sales. Was that a bad decision? Bad decision.

A man named Charles Elliott. He was the president of Harvard, a college on the east coast, when a plainly, kind of frumpy clothed elderly couple came  to see him. Their son had passed away, and they wanted to make an endowment in memory of their son.

He said, “Well, good. Let’s establish a small scholarship.”

They said, “Well, you know, we kind of wanted his name on a building.”

The president said, “What?”

They said, “Oh, we’ll pay for the building.”

He said, “I don’t think so.”

They said they understood and went to the other side of the country, to a fledgling college in California, and asked for the same thing. That college said okay. Well, this mother and father, whose only son died, built, in his memory, not only one building with their son’s name on it for $26 million, but dozens and dozens of buildings. His name was Stanford, Leland Stanford. It is Stanford University today, an elite university. I bet Charles Elliott thought, “I made a bad decision.”

Munich Technical Institute rejected one of its students. They said, “He shows no promise.” The student was Albert Einstein. Several years later, he formulated his theory of relativity. Do you think that college made a bad decision? Bad decision.

The Choices of Life

All of us are going to be faced with decisions. Do we have the capacity to make divine decisions, or is life just dumb luck? Out of the three hundred decisions that we make every day, ten percent will be future-altering decisions that can alter our finances, our future, even our faith…….