Divine Decisions Part 2

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Sermon Notes

Devine Decisions

Decisions Under Pressure


Two Sides of Pressure


Pressure can be good, or it can be bad.

Pressure can be positive, or it can be negative.

Pressure can crush you, or it can turn a piece of coal into a diamond.

Pressure can inflate a tire, or it can deflate your confidence.

Pressure can crush a bone, or it can stop bleeding.

Pressure can help you do right, or it can make you do wrong.


There is a negative side of pressure, and we see it everyday. How can we sustain good, divine decisions in the midst of it?


Peer pressure, for instance, may prompt us to do something that violates an inner principle because we are afraid of being rejected. That pressure may be the singular voice inside of us that keeps us to our commitments.


There is sexual pressure to sell our values or our faith quietly down the river to someone who is promising us something that we really want like love or companionship; maybe a promotion; maybe notoriety; maybe a bit more money or privileges. Pressure!


Financial pressure is where we are pressured into buying something that we really don’t want to buy, but we buy it anyway. How many of us have been in that situation?


Pressure! All of us are going to face it, because the world has all kinds of pressures that surround us. What do you do to make wise decisions in the midst of it? Is it kind of a mental thing? Is it a discipline thing? Is it a philosophical thing?


Don’t let the world squeeze you into its own mold, but let God remold your minds from within so that you may prove in practice that the plan of God for you is good, meets all your demands and moves toward the goal of true maturity” (Rom 12:2 Phillips).


I wish we could remove pressures, but we can’t. We live in a world that is filled with that:  fear pressures, sexual pressures, getting ahead pressures, financial pressures, all kinds of different pressures. They are all around you.