Deciding Who You Will Be

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I am not sure if some of you have ever had you identity stolen, we recently have come very close and I am here to tell you it is awful! You not only spend a ton of time making sure you have some protection over your identity, but you feel like you can’t really do anything to stop it or fix it!
I even had someone call me a pose to be trying to fix my computer so they could gain access to what I have stored on it.

It’s bad enough when someone hacks into your computer and steals your identity. What is even worse, however, is when we abdicate our identity; when we lose it because we are just not looking after who we are. What I’m talking about is when we don’t make wise choices about our future and we forget it’s the choices – not chances – that make our future.

There are lots of ways we can lose our identity, but one way we can lose our identity by following the wrong models or wrong examples and end up becoming somebody we really don’t want to be. Because of the pressure of the crowd or our own indifference, we let the chances of life make our future; we model the wrong people.

I thought today I would take a break from talking about cultures and talk about the power to decide who we are going to be moving forward; we may not be able to do a lot about the past byt we can make decisions that affect our future!!

Deciding Who You Will Be from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.