Christianity 101 – Part 1

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So the other day I found myself praying and thinking back to all the water that has gone under the bridge of being in the pastorate for as long as I have, and as I thought about it I began to hear the Lord speak to me about what it really takes to move from “salvation” to walking in the authority as a believer in Christ, becoming the successful follower verses the also ran.
I want to share some of that with you this morning; how do I become a person that exercises the authority over circumstances and devices the enemy would use to destroy my future?
1st, it really is about being “all in” or as you might hear it said, “Totally committed” in allowing God to not only be your savior but also the one in control of my life, totally sold out to the cause of Christ.
Now what happens is often times this way; you see your need for a savior, you respond, repent of your sins and accept the sacrifice of Jesus as payment for your sins. Man you feel the joy of new found freedom in Christ, but that “feeling” only lasts a season, soon you must decide to make some changes in your life, responding to the knowledge you are gaining. You are learning some things and now some decisions must be made; change or stagnate and die.
Sometimes we will try to hang on to the “feeling” of that new found faith in Christ, trying hard to find the excitement of being born again, but something is different, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t re-create that new born feeling…