April 2016

Victorious Mindset – Part 11

Click on the sermon title to access a video of the full service and the sermon outline.

March 2016

Victorious Mindset – Part 10

Well I want to say a good morning to all of you here on the campus and those joining us through our on-line church and just a reminder that it is going to be a really good day today!! As we look forward to next week, I want to echo that it is one of […]

Victorious Mindset – Part 9

Click on the sermon title for video of service and outline.

Victorious Mindset – Part 8

So welcome this morning as we get started talking about changing the way we think and view life; learning to think in the presence of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and just how by the changing of our thinking we can go from a poverty mindset, or a bankrupt mindset, to a wealth mindset […]

February 2016

Victorious Mindset – Part 7

Welcome this morning as we continue to look at the victorious mindset, and before I go on I want to take a moment and welcome all those that are joining us on the internet this morning; we love that you are a part of our community today and we pray that God just invades where […]