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September 2013

Divine Decisions Part 3

Devine Decisions

Graduating to Wisdom


Sometimes we have to understand that what we see a lot of times are not as they appear. We make decisions and they could be faulty decisions based on what we see. Do you know why? If we think about it, we do not see with our eyes. We see anatomically with our brains. Our eyes are a lens through which an image is projected into the sensory perception areas of our brains. Our brain then

August 2013

Divine Decisions Part 2

Devine Decisions

Decisions Under Pressure


Two Sides of Pressure


Pressure can be good, or it can be bad.

Pressure can be positive, or it can be negative.

Pressure can crush you, or it can turn a piece of coal into a diamond.

Pressure can inflate a tire, or it can deflate your confidence.

Pressure can crush a bone, or it ca

Divine Decisions Part 1

Bad Decision?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We make about three hundred decisions every day. Some of them are as small as what shirt we were going to wear this morning to church and what shoes we were going to put on. Then, before we came to church, we had to decide whether or not we were going to comb our hair, use deodorant or change our socks from last week. Some of us are realizing right now we did not make the best decision. For others of us, our neighbors have already infor

The Invisible War – Part 7

The Invisible War, part 7

“How to Avoid Temptation”

So this is the 7th and final talk in our series on the invisible war, winning the battle with temptation; and we have really covered a lot of ground in the last several weeks. So let’s do a quick recap to see where we have been; we talked about the sources of temptation, the purpose of temptation, the process of temptation, the types of temptations, the steps to overcoming temptatio

July 2013

The Invisible War – Part 6

The Invisible War Part 6

“The Steps To Overcoming Temptation” (continuation of last week)

So last week we took a very important and practical look at ways to avoid temptation; identify the things that make me vulnerable, plan to avoid temptation and the third was to guard your heart. Now if you were not able to be here I want to strongly go online or order the c.d. and listen to the service, in fact you can even download the handout.

So today we are going to look further into the st