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December 2018

Christmas Is About Choosing

So good morning, and welcome; a reminder that we will be having our Christmas eve service right here Dec. 24 at 6pm; it is a a great time to pause, bring family and friends and celebrate the birth of Jesus…

I am getting into the swing of the season, I must admit that I am having a little trouble with it already being Christmas time; I think we missed the 4th of July!!

Unfortunately, as we grow through life, we oftentimes experience some of the pain that life can deal us. And for some,

No Worries

November 2018

Now What? – Part 2

Baptism – Feed the 500

Our power went out a bit into the baptisms so we only got the first few.
We finished in the dark with candles. We still enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner afterwards.

Baptism Service from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.

What Now?

Cuts & Bruises – Part 2

It’s amazing how people can overcome the largest problems and trip over minor tribulations. Although these problems are small in size, they have the potential to do great harm. In relationships, these minor tribulations can shatter lives.

An untrue rumor, a miscommunication, a misperception, and someone’s immaturity are minor problems that have the potential to destroy our relationships. We are all immature to one level or another. But ironically, we can overcome the biggest battle, but

October 2018

Broken People Can’t Dance

So good morning, so glad to see you and looking forward to this Wednesday night when hundreds of people are going to be here to enjoy a carnival we have set up for them; it is our attempt to have some fun and reach some people for Jesus…

A couple of years ago Laury and I were in Seattle, and we were walking up 1st ave. and there was this gentleman in a wheel chair and he was trying to push himself up the street and he was obviously very ill and not going to make it up the street. You see th

Against All Odds

Scars, Wounds, & Infections

I believe one of the greatest opportunities we have as a Christian is to be a person who gets to help other people find healing for all the junk in their life. Life has a way of beating us up, we live in a very sinful world and bad stuff happens to really good people. People are suffering from abuse, neglect, rejection; the list goes on and on. How awesome it is that you and I not only are recipients of God’s healing but we are also agents of His healing power to our world; that is exciting to


As we enter this time of seasonal changes it got me to thinking and I heard a young woman I have a lot of respect for talking about this subject; we are all basically in one of three places in our life; at all times;

We are either going into, we are in the middle or we are coming out of difficult times; ok, we can all go home a little depressed now…

Think about it; you are either in a pretty good place but about to enter some challenges, or you are right now in a real season of challenge