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February 2019

Vision – Part 5

Vision – Part 4

So we are going to continue today with the topic of vision; here at LCF we have a mission; a reason to exist and it is to Love, Mend, Train and Send… and we have a vision; that picture or target if you will of what we want to look like;
A community where people can pursue a passionate relationship with Jesus, free to be loved, accepted and forgiven without judgment or commendation…

I happen to believe something strongly;

• The church is the great hope of the world.

Vision – Part 3

Guest Speaker Pastor Oscar Ochoa speaks on Vision.

2-3-19 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.

January 2019

Vision – Part 2

Vision 2019 – Part 1

Celebrate 2018

2019 – The Best Year Yet!

I want to remind you that next week, right here we are going to have a celebration that you do not want to miss; in fact we are going to go over all we have done in the past year and I know you are going to be very excited with what has been done; so we are going to going to celebrate in style!!

So as we enter this New Year, I want to take some time this morning and help us to look forward to the best year of our lives and to take the time to look at how we can pray into the goals and plans f

December 2018

Hope & Joy

So good morning on our last Sunday together before the new year, a new year I am really looking forward too; by the way, mark your calendars for January 13, that is a Sunday and we are going to have a party right here, we are going to celebrate all that happened in 2018; I believe you are going to be amazed at how much we have done this year; and we are going to believe for bigger and better this new year; in fact next week I am going to help you to set goals for the new year…

But let’s t

Christmas Is About…. The Moment

I read this little statistic that goes something like this…

Four out of ten are going to go through Christmas thinking about the past. So Christmas visits you and you rehearse lost and lamented gaps. You wish for another place in time and you kind of matrix the past into this Christmas and then you evaluate and you dwell there.

Five out of are futurists. You’re always kind of one step ahead of Christmas. Whether that’s in the micro moment – we’ve got to go to the store, we’ve g

Christmas Is About…. Forgiving