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November 2013

Against All Odds

Flying Against All Odds

In 1996, odd makers and probability forecasters agreed that Lee Capps should have been dead. Lee had taken off from a private airport in Washington State in a little plane piloted by a friend. When they got to cruising altitude, his friend had a massive heart attack and died. Lee Capps had never flown an airplane in his life.

Mustering all his courage, Lee pulled his friend’s body away from the controls, grabbed the radio microphone, and yelled hy

Broken People Can’t Dance

So a while ago I was following this car that was one big ball of duct tape; I mean this car had duct tape holding the bumper on, the entire right rear panel was duct taped on, one mirror was taped on, the hood was taped down, and there yellow duct tape on the seats that I could see.

It was like they had duct taped a rust spot and just kept going!!

The car was running fine, but I had to wonder what would happen if it ever hit a speed bump… It would fall to pieces!

That car was broken b

Rehab: Changing Midstream

“All these events happened to them as examples for us. They were written down to warn us, who live at the time when this age is drawing to a close” (1 Cor 10:11 NLT).

God is saying, “What I have written in the Old Testament is really for you today. The best wisdom comes from those who have gone on before us.”

The Harlot

One of the people in the Old Testament is a lady whose profession was the oldest ever. Her name is Rahab, the harlot. Her name descri

Samson – Lessons from the Past

It is said that basically there are two ways we learn; experience and wisdom. We will not be able to garner enough wisdom from our personal experiences in one lifetime in order to be the person that God wants us to be, or to keep from dying! We’ve got to be able to pull wisdom from other places. One way to gain wisdom is through other people’s experiences – other people’s sufferings or trials. If we can take the lesson learned through someone else and deposit it into our hearts, then it

October 2013

The God of New Beginnings

We have been taking a look at the lives of different people in the bible and taking a look at the way God uses them even in their brokenness and dysfunction; not to leave them in the condition but to watch as God takes them and renews them and does some pretty amazing thing with some pretty messed up people. With all of the people in the word that I look at, at some point in their life they had what I would call a “do-over” or a new start. Their pre-God life may have been pretty wacky but Go

Paul: The Man Who Thought He Was Right

When we come to the Lord, a lot of times our arrows are all inward. It can become all about me and what is in it for me: “What are you going to do for me? Is this a nice service for me? Does it appeal to my palette?”

We need to turn those arrows, our focus, outward, so that we can become a pipeline to others of His grace. Church is not an end in itself for me, me and me. The world does not revolve around us. Church is really a means through which

Peter – The Man Who Gave Up

Promises! Promises!

To promise is to solemnly declare that we will follow in a particular course. Promises are so easy to make, yet sometimes, so hard to keep. We have all made a promise or a commitment that we were unable to keep. When the seasons change or when the wind blows in a different direction, our commitments often become conditional. Peter was just like that. He was sometimes so brash and over-confident that he made commitments without considering the course. Then when the c

How to Survive in Chaos/Desert/Storms….Hold On!!!

How to Survive in Chaos/Desert/Storms….Hold On!!!

Join us with guest speaker Oscar Ochoa

September 2013

God is Always Good

Divine Decisions Part 6

Deciding Who You Will Be

Each of us will have to make some very important decisions which will shape our future.  I think sometimes we forget that as Christians we have the ability to make choices that really improve our life; choices that bring us healing, prosperity and joy. The challenge is to take a more active part in these choices. We all have to make choices.

I have been told that having your home broken into and your possessions