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December 2014

Bring More Oil

I know anyone under the age of forty is not going to remember this but they used to have this stuff for cuts that was called iodine. It was red, stained everything, and burned like the dickens! Everytime I got a cut or scrap my mom would come at me with the bottle of iodine and pour it on me and I would scream and squirm and she would keep on pouring this stuff…

I think they outlawed it along with DDT and Agent Orange because I don’t see it anymore…

Later there was mercurochrome and

November 2014

Only A Miracle Will Do

So we are really picking up where we left off last week, and by the way, what an awesome job by everyone who served and cleaned up and set up… I had a fantastic fun time and I hope you did too.

Wisdom form hero’s and not so hero’s, life lesions we can glean from, and so today I am going to give you some wisdom from a guy who did a pretty amazing thing; by the way, you are called by God to do some pretty amazing things too!

We are going to hear from Hebrews 11, which will help us when

The God Of New Beginnings

First I want to thank you and welcome you here for our annual thanksgiving feast. Right now in people are busy preparing to open the doors to some great food and awesome fellowship and today would not be complete without each and every one of you; so thank you for being here today.

With all of the people in the word that I look at, at some point in their life they had what I would call a “do-over” or a new start. Their pre-God life may have been pretty wacky but God gave them a new chance

Why Does Life Have To Hurt So Much?

So we are in this series I am calling questions, some we can answer, some we cant…

Yet there’s one sure fact we should know: God is not afraid of questions. In fact:


The truth is God invites us to ask Him questions. He knows that questions are normal; He made us that way! And He wants us to seek His answers.

However, there’s one type of question that should come at the top of our hit list. When these come up, bump them to the top of the line-up immedi

When Is Good Enough, Good Enough?

“Isn’t being good, good enough to get you to heaven?” This isn’t a new question. Many of the questions that nag and gnaw at you on the inside are addressed in the Bible.

As you sit before the Lord and listen to His Word, as Mary did in Luke 10, many of your questions will be addressed by the King. These questions that we have lodged in our heart are tough questions. Man cannot answer them. Science cannot answer them. Education cannot answer them. Only the Lord can. This is the reason

What’s So Different About Christianity?

So I thought that for the next few weeks we would take a look at and examine some common and often asked questions regarding Christianity, questions that I have been asked and probably you have too. So today let’s start with the most basic; “What makes Christianity Different” what is the difference between all the other religions in the world and Christianity? Why is Christianity so controversial? Aren’t all religions pretty much the same?

It’s a question people will ask us when the

October 2014

Conflict Resolution

Good morning; I don’t know if there is anything sadder than family feuds; you know, someone said something or did something and the next thing you know there is a rift that seems miles apart.

Doing a lot of funerals I get to see people in their most trying times and I am here to tell you I have seen some of the craziest feuds break out in the middle of planning or the executing a funeral. People that have wounds that go back years and years and suddenly the fight is on. And it goes on in ch

Killing the Giant of Selfishness

So I was talking to someone and we were discussing this series we are doing and I got on a rant, go figure! But I digress; I was talking about how so many in the church are just fakers, I mean we are taught to behave like we have it all together, come to church, act all happy and sappy, if you have problems; deny them. Don’t “confess” you have “problems” and NEVER talk about emotions. I mean we all know that emotions are sin and Jesus didn’t have any emotions, he was perfect, always

Killing the Giant of Anger

So over the last few weeks we have been talking about killing the giants in our lives, by the way these giants we have been talking about are not as big when you put them up against the power of your father! So this week we are going to talk about another one that I have to work at killing; ANGER!

Man this topic really makes me mad that I have to talk about this!!! I mean I just hate that my program keeps getting messed with…

Anger is a powerful emotion and believe it or not it can be re

September 2014

Overcoming The Giant Of Depression