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February 2015

Culture of Our Church – Goodness of God

So we continue this morning to lay out bedrock cultures of our church, cultures that define who we are and what we are about. We took a few weeks to look at the culture of family, and how the father is central to the family, in fact heavens government, (the entitlement to rule) is family; the church is all about family from beginning to end, a place to call home, and how powerful the issue of family and sonship/daughter is to the church and our lives.

The reality is that the church is all abo

Culture of Family Part 5

So once again we are going to take a look at the Father heart and the power of being a son. We really had to blast through some things last week so I am going to re-cover some of the topics we hit on last week but maybe just go a little deeper today.
This topic of father heart is so huge and it really has the power to impact your life and as you get a hold of this and get it down deep change you in so many powerful ways. We have been using the 15th chapter of the book of Luke as a reference po

Culture of Family – Part 4

So a great big welcome as we continue to talk about the family and the father heart, I want to go back and do a little catch up and recap of where we left off last week.
We are talking about the father heart, the call to be healed in the inner person, understanding that we have a father in heaven who has this crazy love for us and brings us into a relationship with Him through the life and death of His son.

Romans 8:11, 15-17 11 But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells

Culture of Family – Part 3

• The Father and son.
This relationship is central to the family and the entitlement to rule; the foundation of every relationships ability to be healthy is the father. Key to the church is the ability by the Spirit to have:

• Inner healing.
As miraculous as any physical healing the ability to have inner healing is the biggest mystery outside of salvation itself. Absent inner healing taking place in every one of us, you are left with controlling, fear and manipulation.
Because we live

January 2015

Culture Of Family – Part 2

So a great big welcome to all of you this morning, so glad you are here with me; I absolutely love being with each and every one of you, worshipping together, praying for and encouraging each other.
So we are going to continue talking about this thing called culture, if you were unable to be with us last week, we started by talking about the need to create a culture where a couple of things go on that are central to our lives and to the life of the church; they are:
1. a place where things can

Culture of Family

Well we are going to try to start something this morning, we are going to spend some time talking about a subject that continues to build on the foundation that I believe God is building for us and in us; I call it:

Culture of Family from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.

Heartburn – You Are What You Eat

So I heard about some research into the food we eat, they say that you are what you eat, so some of us are cheap, greasy and fast, anyway he told me about the different things that are in our food. Now my wife has been harping to me about this for years and in all fairness it is wearing off on me, but listen to this;

In one day, 220,000 people will visit a doctor, 80 million aspirin will be taken, 4000 people will have a heart attack, 2 million people will have heartburn, in one day, $1.4 mil

Deciding Who You Will Be

Identity Theft

I don’t know if any of you have ever had someone break into your home or car or office and steal something, some years back someone broke into the offices here and all they stole was my computer; that had not been backed up so all my notes and files were forever lost. But the computer was about to die and I got a new one so other than my files; hey they can have it!

The greatest theft going on today is not property theft; it’s not auto theft; it’s not robbing banks. Th

December 2014

Dream the Dream

Have you noticed that so many people go through life without a plan? There’s no vision for where they’re going. They are just kind of bumping along with no real vision or idea of where they are going. The problem with that is that they are never really going to end up where they really wanted and won’t know when they get there!
If you are taking notes, write this down:


The God Who Seeks Us

So at this time of year we are pretty focused on the whole gift idea of Christmas, and that is a good thing, but I heard of this airline in Canada that decided that they were going to give Christmas presents to all the passengers on two flights out of Toronto, why was I not in Toronto? They had people scan their boarding passes and then go talk to a virtual Santa. What they didn’t know was that what they told Santa was being recorded and people in Calgary were running out to buy the things the