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May 2015

Culture – Honor Part 1

Over the last couple of months we have been talking exclusively about cultures, cultures we hold dear, cultures that define who we are as a house. A culture is a place, by definition where transformation takes place

Romans 12:2 says that we are to be “transformed by the renewing of our minds so that we no longer resemble the culture or world around us but we take on the persona of a higher kingdom.”

Culture is shared knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors that make up the attributes of eve

April 2015

Hope & Joy Part 5

So we are going to wrap up the discussion of the culture of joy and hope today and I am really excited where our journey has taken us and also the next culture that we are going to discuss starting next week…
This past week I was talking to a pastor friend and he was relating the discouragement he was facing and just kind of talking about how he felt that no matter what he did or tried to do it was just not enough; and frankly he was really discouraged. I began to talk about how we are taught

Joy & Hope – Part 4

So now lets continue in our discussion of the 3rd culture we want to cultivate a LCF the culture of joy and hope.

Hope & Joy – Part 4 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.

Joy & Hope Part 3

I want to start out today and thank all those that made last week so special for all of us, the ushers , greeters, nursery workers, kids church workers, coffee shop people and everyone of you who invited someone and made others feel welcome when they were here; you are all very special people and you need to give yourself a hand!!!
So we are going to continue and jump right into where we left off in our discussion of the 3rd culture of our house and one we hold so dear; joy and hope. So look at

Hope & Joy Part 2

March 2015

Joy & Hope

So we are going to continue looking at cultures that we want to believe and live in as we build a church that brings honor to Jesus. We laid the foundation for our church with the first culture of family; relationship it is all about relationship in the kingdom; God to us—us to others. We could have all kinds of faith and works etc. but if we don’t understand it is all about relationship then we have missed the whole thing.
Then we moved on to the second culture; the goodness of God. God is

Culture of Our Church – The Goodness of God Part 5

So welcome once again as we continue on our journey discussing the “goodness of God” last week we talked about how we can have victory in life even when we are losing battles along the way, our theology of our Dad is not determined by our past experiences, and that I have this day to live and choose to worship God and I will never have worship Him in this condition again; ever, so live this moment to the fullest!!
Remember the story of Mount Everest I told you last week? Remember this: your

Culture of Our Church – The Goodness of God Part 4

So we have been talking about the cultures that we hold as core to who we are and we started with the culture of family, and then the culture of the goodness of God and that is where we continue today. To save time I am not going to do a lot of recap of where we have been; you can go on-line if you want and get caught up but let me say this talk of culture is so important to the life of our house….

So today we are going to answer a question that has to be in the minds of a lot of us as we t

The Culture of Our Church – The Goodness of God Part 3

We have been taking a look at the different cultures that we want to be identified with when people think of our church. We call them cultures; everyone and every church has cultures that are unique to them, we sometimes call them “core values” things we live our lives by.
It is a culture, a core value of ours that the church is family, we are family. This is not a cute saying; it is truth that because of Jesus we are family. We have been adopted into the family of our dad in heaven, we

Culture of Our Church – The Goodness of God Part 2

So welcome this morning as we continue to look at the cultures that we hold dear in our church that define who we are as people who love and follow Jesus. We began last week looking at the 2nd culture of our church; the goodness of God, God is good all the time, His approach to us is all good all the time…
We have to understand this primary truth or we will approach God with;
• Apprehension vs. anticipation!

When we think of coming to our dad in heaven, do we do it with great anticipati