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December 2015

Releasing the Supernatural – Part 3

Welcome this morning, I am so looking forward to this morning as we continue in our study of releasing the supernatural, another of the cultures that we believe is core to becoming the people that Jesus wants us to be. I am also looking forward to the whole season of Christmas, I love all the “goings on” that happens this time of year but I especially love that the message of Jesus is going out this time of year more than any other time.

I know that this is not really the time of year tha

Releasing the Supernatural – Part 2

So welcome this morning as we continue to discover the culture of the supernatural, encountering God everyday in the world around us, I am so excited about this culture; learning to recognize Jesus all around us…

So let’s just dive right in.
So when you are thinking about the supernatural, you have to ask yourself; “why would God want me to live in the supernatural in the first place”?

• Why would God want us to live in the supernatural?

John 14:11-14 Message bible “Beli

Releasing the Supernatural

So welcome this morning as we begin to discuss a new culture that we believe and hold dear here at LCF; the culture of releasing the supernatural. But before we start, I think it is good to remember why we are talking about cultures in the first place; why is it important to think about the idea of cultures and how they relate to a house like ours?
When we talk about cultures, we are talking about the environment that allows for things to prosper and grow and become healthy; in the case of the

November 2015

Cuts & Bruises

Good morning; I don’t know if there is anything sadder than family feuds; you know, someone said something or did something and the next thing you know there is a rift that seems miles apart.

Doing a lot of funerals I get to see people in their most trying times and I am here to tell you I have seen some of the craziest feuds break out in the middle of planning or the executing a funeral. People that have wounds that go back years and years and suddenly the fight is on. And it goes on in ch

New Beginnings

With all of the people in the word that I look at, at some point in their life they had what I would call a “do-over” or a new start. Their pre-God life may have been pretty wacky but God gave them a new chance to start over; it is a characteristic of the way God deals all of us.

Why We Need New Beginnings

Our God is a God of new beginnings. All of us need new beginnings. We stumble and fumble and we wish we could do it over again so God created us with the need for new beginnings. He

Choose Love

Valuing His Presence Part 4

Valuing His Presence – Part 3

So good morning as we continue to talk about the culture of valuing the presence of God in our daily lives and in our community. Culture means, we value the presence of God and understand that His presence is what heals, redeems, saves, gives hope, makes the word (bible) real and relevant…
Culture as opposed to a program, system or a strategy; culture is the foundation that allows something to grow and prosper, a strategy is how something is accomplished. Remember this; culture will eat strat

October 2015

Valuing His Presence – Part 2

So welcome this morning as we continue looking at the culture of “valuing His presence”, we started last week by taking a look at the law that God gave to Moses; originally the 10 commandments followed up by more law regarding the construction and operation of the temple.
The temple represented the place where the presence of God would reside “near” the people on a daily basis, up until this time they had felt the presence of God in a fire by night and a cloud by day; He had given to t

Valuing His Presence – Part 1

So welcome this morning as we begin to discuss a brand new culture in our study of the different cultures that make up our house here at LCF, and it is the culture of “valuing the presence of God.”

It helps for you to understand that I really believe that as a Christian, and because of the goodness of God and the grace He gives to me, I have the power and privilege of deciding what kind of life I am going to live; will I live in joy, in peace, in health, in passion… I have the power to