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March 2016

Victorious Mindset – Part 8

So welcome this morning as we get started talking about changing the way we think and view life; learning to think in the presence of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and just how by the changing of our thinking we can go from a poverty mindset, or a bankrupt mindset, to a wealth mindset becoming a truly victorious overcoming Christ follower.

Because we live in a very negative world, we have to make it a priority in our life to change the way we think going from a defeatist, victim, and powerle

February 2016

Victorious Mindset – Part 7

Welcome this morning as we continue to look at the victorious mindset, and before I go on I want to take a moment and welcome all those that are joining us on the internet this morning; we love that you are a part of our community today and we pray that God just invades where you are at and really opens His word to you.
I also want to take the time to give you a couple of more exciting bits of information this morning; as you know; Laury and I are blessed with an awesome group of friends that s

Victorious Mindsets – Part 6

This morning I want to talk to you about an exciting opportunity to change your life in a powerful new way, proclaiming the truth and fasting on the negative. What would your life, our church, our community look like if we learned to speak the truth of the word vs. the negative that often comes out of our mouth?
We, as a community of faith, are going to take the next 40 days and fast out the negative form our conversations and thoughts. We have a book that is going to help us, called “igni

Victorious Mindset – Part 5

So welcome this morning as we dive into the word and what the bible has to say about my mind, my spirit and my flesh. But before we get going I want you to be reminded that today is going to be an awesome day; in fact tell someone around you that today is going to be a great day, not just good, but a great day.

The word says that we are to proclaim what we believe to be true, to get up each day and start the day off with a faith declaration that today is going to be a great day…
We live in

Victorious Mindsets – Part 4

We are still experiencing some technical difficulties with our video and audio recording.
Please forgive the hiccups in the audio. Thank you!

So welcome this morning as we continue on our journey of discovery of the power of a transformed mind; a mind transformed by the power of believing the promises in the word.

Just reading the bible is not what transforms us, it is reading and believing the promises that are found in the word…


January 2016

Victorious Mindset – Part 3

So welcome this morning as we continue to look at the power of the word to transform the mind, and as the mind is transformed we go from a mind that is full of doubt and the negative; a mind that uses fear and anger to control and manipulate for short term gain at the expense of long term prosperity.

I am programed to use circumstances to excuse my decisions, thinking I have put a protective buffer around me when in reality I have robbed my prosperous future; bought and paid for by J

Victorious Mindsets – (Changing My Thinking) – Part 2

There was technical difficulties around minute 32 in the sermon audio.
It dropped some of the sermon.

Changing The Way You Think (Victorious Mindsets Part 1)

We have been studying the cultures that make up the community that we call Lake City; or just LCF, and so today we are going to take a pause from some of the cultures and focus for some time on the subject of control; more specifically the power we possess to use the word of God to influence and control the destiny and trajectory of my life.

But as we discussed last week:

• My mind stands in the way.

The problem is not with God or the spirit alive in me, the problem lies in my mind. T

Ingredients for a Breakthrough

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Enjoy the audio of the service.

December 2015

Deciding Who You Will Be

I am not sure if some of you have ever had you identity stolen, we recently have come very close and I am here to tell you it is awful! You not only spend a ton of time making sure you have some protection over your identity, but you feel like you can’t really do anything to stop it or fix it!
I even had someone call me a pose to be trying to fix my computer so they could gain access to what I have stored on it.

It’s bad enough when someone hacks into your computer and steals your identi