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July 2016

It’s the Little Things

It’s amazing how people can overcome the largest problems and trip over minor tribulations. Although these problems are small in size, they have the potential to do great harm. In relationships, these minor tribulations can shatter lives.

How many relationships have been broken because of a minor, and often foolish, problem?

An untrue rumor, a miscommunication, a misperception, and someone’s immaturity are minor problems that have the potential to destroy our relationships. We are all

Fearless Living – Part 14

So welcome this morning as we wrap up our series on living a life free of fear, and wow what a trip we have enjoyed as we have looked at the promises God gives to us to live a life free from fear and the limitations that come with fear…

So let me ask you a question; what would the trajectory of your life look like if you

So last week was such a powerful week of discovery for so many people, if I could very humbly suggest that if you were not here that you download and get the notes an

Fearless Living – Part 13

Last week in our study of living a life free of fear, we began to take a look at the issue of despair; a powerful emotion can grip us and make life a hopeless quest to continue on. Despair makes it look like there are no choices, no hope, and no chance of things improving or changing for the better.
When we despair we are not merely discouraged, we are far beyond discouragement, we are now in the zone where life becomes almost suffocating and there is a sense of foreboding and depression settin

Fearless Living – Part 12

Good morning and happy Fourth of July! So over the last several weeks we have discussed living a life free of fear, fear of rejection, living free of bitterness, guilt, are just some of the emotions and fears we have discussed; the good thing is that you can go on-line and listen to all the weeks and really digest and let Jesus talk to you; I really believe you are going to be glad you did.

Sometimes when we are dealing with emotions that have been damaged we get profoundly discouraged and be

June 2016

Fearless Living – Part 11

So let’s get started; the word says that when we sin and then confess our dad is faithful to forgive and wipe our sin from the history books; great news!

1 John 1:9 On the other hand, if we admit our sins—make a clean breast of them—he won’t let us down; he’ll be true to himself. He’ll forgive our sins and purge us of all wrongdoing.

Now if we live with a persistent sense that we have done something wrong, we have failed in some way and that we are no longer welcome in the house; we

Fearless Living – Part 10

One of the trickiest questions we struggle with as believers is our we think about ourselves; we know what Jesus thinks about us, but the most important question is how do I think about myself? How I feel about myself is going to go a long ways to how I am going to live my life and how I am going to approach God; if I buy into the lies the enemy says about me, that will stop me from reaching for all that Jesus has bought for me…
The reality is that there is probably no one in the entire world

Fearless Living – Part 9

So welcome again this morning as we dive into the topic of living a life free of fear; fear from the past, the future, our perceived weaknesses…

A few weeks ago we started this conversation; choosing to live a life free of fear, and as a part of that conversation we talked about the emotions we have and the power of the risen Jesus to restore and heal those emotions do that we are strong and free to enjoy life and to prosper in all we strive to do.
Jesus comes to;
Luke 4:18-19 The Spirit

Fearless Living – Part 8

May 2016

Fearless Living – Part 7

Fearless Living – Part 6

So welcome again as we continue to talk about the power of living a life free from fear and anxiety. In Christ there is perfect love and in perfect love there is no fear; no fear of rejection etc.

One of our core beliefs here at LCF, is the conviction that it is God’s will for you and I as followers of Christ to be successful in all things, that we are noted for being full of hope, joy, happiness; free form lack, fear, hopelessness, despair…

3John 2 Beloved, I wish above all things t