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April 2017

Keys to Success – Part 2

I am so excited as we get going this morning, talking about the awesome life our Father has laid up for us; me and you. Our Father, is so incredible, He is so on our side and has such great plans for all of us…

Jer. 29:11 I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

Our Father is so crazy about us, He can’t help but desire to shower us with success, health, joy, happiness, wealth… He is looki

Hope For Tomorrow

Jesus: Hope for Tomorrow!!

Happy Easter to all of you here on our campus in Moses Lake and our online LCF. So glad you have joined us as we celebrate the real reason we have so much hope around here. Jesus accomplished what we would never be able too, and He gave us His success to own as our own!

Now there is no doubt, to achieve the destiny you have, there are going to be some days that are not real fun, some days with disappointment and loss and some d

Keys To Success- Part 1

So welcome this morning as we charge ahead in this powerful series on changing the way we think from a negative, small thinking; limited in scope and power— to a mind that is powerful, full of vision and believing nothing is impossible for you!!!

I believe that God wants you to be successful in all you do;
3John 2 We’re the best of friends, and I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health—that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul!

God wants e

The Power Of The Mind – Part 11

So we have been talking for several weeks about success…
3John 2 Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

• As my mind prospers; everything else prospers!

It is sometimes hard to comprehend this, but it is true; what we have in our heart (mind or soul) determines how we are going to live. I am re-learning the importance of taking care of my soul; starting each day with a careful examination of what I am taking in.

Luke 6:

March 2017

The Power Of The Mind – Part 10

So last week we dealt in depth with “self-limiting beliefs” those beliefs we hold about ourselves or our circumstances that limit our success…

The word is pretty clear;
3John 2– We’re the best of friends, and I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health—that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul!

The definition of the word “soul” is your mind, will, intellect, and emotions; Jesus came not just to save you from hell; He came to set us fr

The Power Of The Mind – Part 9

So welcome as we continue on in our looking at the power of the mind to absolutely change our reality…

Last week we talked about “self-limiting beliefs”
• We see things not as they are, but as we are!
This is so true; I’m not seeing things as they really are— I’m seeing things as I am!
I have too many “lower perspectives” ; I see things from my flawed perspective, through lenses of;
a. experience,
b. culture,
c. training.

Remember what God had to say about how we s

The Power Of The Mind – Part 8

Wow, here we go on our discussion of the amazing power of the mind and how the Word, (bible) changes the very way we think, which changes the way we live…

Very fortuitous that we are staring our 40 day negativity fast and positivity feast; out with the negative talk; fill your mind with the word and the endless potential you have locked inside you! I am choosing to speak positive over every situation in my life; my finances, relationships, career, children and grandchildren, you, etc. etc.

The Power Of The Mind – Part 7

So good morning and welcome as we keep going inn our talk about the power of the mind…

As you came in this morning, if you wandered over to the coffee shop area you will have noticed we are in some construction for a bit; a big thanks for all the guys who did some demo yesterday— amazing what some men will do for a doughnut!!
So let’s dig right in and get started.

We left off last week talking about;
• Action— Reflection.
Every day we have dozens of experiences that are new, o

February 2017

The Power Of The Mind – Part 6

So we left off last week introducing a few new biblical concepts that we will get back to, but first just to recap;

1. Cause and Effect. The first law of thermodynamics…

At the human level, the world operates through a complex chain of “cause and effect”, I do this, and this is the outcome… many times we lose track of the effects of our actions as they move through the cause and effect chain further and further away from us.

You see this in the life of Israel, in just the b

The Power Of The Mind – Part 5