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September 2017

Lordship – Part 1

So good morning and welcome to all of you on LCF online; we are so glad you are here today and I am very excited about this new series we are going to roll into today, I know your program cover will say “a mind for miracles” that is not a typo, I made a prayered up decision to re-name this today….

The reason I am calling this Lordship is because renewing the way we think, is really all about recognizing that my life boils down to understanding that it is all about making Jesus Lord of m

Ingredients For A Miracle – Part 4

So good morning and welcome; I am so excited about this fall and all the very good things that are happening here; miracles and healings etc. lives being changed….

We used the story of Gideon last week to take a look at how God uses us to be the solution to the problem; in fact as we have discussed, we do not have problems, we have opportunities to see the power of God…

When you are talking about us being the solution to the problem, remember God always starts with us!

• God alway

August 2017

Ingredients For A Miracle – Part 3b

Ingredients For A Miracle – Part 3

Last week I gave you the last 5 ingredients for a miracle, we had given the first 5 the week before, and a reminder… if you are going to have miracles the first thing you need is a great need and remember… we don’t have problems; we have opportunities!!!

So let’s use the story of a guy in the Old Testament who was an awful lot like the rest of us, and I think we will see some real keys to use; his name is Gideon. We have talked about him before, and I have to tell you he is one of my

Ingredients For A Miracle – What’s In The House Part 2

So last week we started to talk about this passage found in 2 Kings 4 where this widow lady; whose husband had served the prophet and God his whole life has died and now she is left with his debts and to pay them off her 2 sons are going to be sold into slavery; not a good thing!

Now from this part of the bible we can see ten things that I call “ingredients for a miracle” we hit 5 of them last week and to recap here they are;
1. Know where to go when you don’t know where to go.
2. Don

Ingredients for a Miracle – What’s in the House

So for the last several weeks we talked about mission and vision; one of the first things I told you was that a mission and vision from God is always so big you cannot do it; it is impossible for you alone to pull it off…

When I look at the house here, I look at your lives, I look at my life, I see not problems, I see miracles!

We are positioned for miracles; so this morning I am going to go back to a familiar place in the bible and remind ourselves that the best is in front of you and p

July 2017

Vision – Part 9

So for the last several weeks we have been talking about our mission;
To help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus, not just believers.

And our vision; to create a community where people can passionately pursue Jesus while experiencing love with no conditions, acceptance for who they are, and forgiveness when they mess up.

Simply put it is that we are called to love God, and to demonstrate that love by loving other people; loving God is easy, loving other people can be a littl

A Compelling Vision

We have been talking for a few weeks about Mission— to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus, not just people who believe only. And we have been talking about the compelling vision that God has given to us; to create a safe community where people can pursue a passionate relationship with Jesus, free to be loved, accepted and forgiven without judgment or commendation…

When I look at our world, the people I love, I don’t see evil people, or bad people, I see broken people…

Vision – Part 7

So our mission as a church is to help people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus, not just people who believe, but who are fully devoted and committed followers of Jesus.

Our vision is to see a house that is a place of healing, a safe place where people are secure to pursue Jesus, free from condemnation and judgment, free to discover

Vision – Part 6

We have been talking about the vision God has for this house, the mission He has for this house; what a time it has been, how good it is to refocus and to remind ourselves that our best days are in front of us, not behind us.

The mission; to make fully devoted followers of Jesus

The vision; to create a safe community where people can passionately pursue Jesus, experiencing love, acceptance and forgiveness…

As we press in, we crave intimacy with our Father and as we go closer, as we