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June 2018

Grace – Part 11

Last week we started to explore the idea that there are two ways that keep us from sin; fear and love. Today we are going to look at the fear side of things and why we tend to lean into that side of things…

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a hard time believing that God would be so good to me that He would show me grace and mercy; I KNOW I don’t deserve it; but He doesn’t seem to know it!

In the mountains of Virginia years ago there was a boy’s school class which no tea

Grace – Part 10

So we are in this series on Grace vs. shame and we are re-discovering some things about grace, mercy and forgiveness.

When I see the kind of grace that our Father gives, we move from a judgment based religious system, to a relationship “let’s live life together” with our Dad and the first thing we will discover is;

• He is Father not judge!

God is not some judge Judy telling you to shut up all the time; no He is your Father looking for a chance to do something good to you!

Grace – Part 9

Grace – Part 8

May 2018

Grace – Part 7

So we continue on in our series on grace and I want to introduce to you a friend of mine named Zach; Zach was a character, in fact he was a thief and routinely ripped people off, not a nice guy and not at all popular! Zach worked for the government, actually he worked for the most feared part of the government; the IRS! And man he was brutal; if he thought you owed $500.00 he would get $1000.00 and keep the difference; he had no friends, wife was not invited to the women’s cake bazaars and the

Grace – Part 6

Grace – Part 5

Grace – Part 4

What is this shame that binds us? Shame rests in the deepest recesses of our being; it is a voice that continually whispers into our ear “you just don’t measure up and you never will. You are unworthy, something is terribly wrong with you.”
Shame is about who we are; guilt is about what we do. Guilt may be the first cousin to shame, but they are not the same. Shame is not about what we do or don’t do; it is not about what we say or don’t say. Shame is about who we are. Guilt says that

April 2018

Grace – Part 3

Grace – Part 2