Cleansing Stream Ministries

Cleansing Stream is a ministry to helps people learn how to have a closer relationship with God and break free from the junk in our life that can hold us back. There are 5 sessions (teachings) with homework and disciplines to work on and learn. Each lesson covers 2 weeks. Participants are encouraged to attend a regional retreat after session 4.

Session 1:Walk in the Spirit
Session 2:Commit Everything To God
Session 3:Speak Words of Life
Session 4:Enter the Cleansing Stream
Session 5:Toward the Goal
At the retreat we welcome the Lord through praise, worship, prayer and the declaration of the Word. Here the larger Body of Christ comes together to both minister and to receive ministry. Come be a part of the stream of deliverance and healing as the Lord touches His people. Whether you are coming as a participant or serving, God’s presence will change your life forever!

Watch a video from Cleansing Stream President, Pastor Chris Hayward here.

For more information, contact Sandy Hanson.
Classes to return soon.

SandySandy Hanson, Cleansing Stream Ministries Coordinator

Sandy grew up in Moses Lake and has 2 young adult kids. Sandy attended a few Cleansing Stream classes and retreats and was set free from fears and healed of many hurts in her life. It became her passion to help others learn how to break free from junk in their life and fulfill the potential God has for them. She started leading the Cleansing Stream Classes in 2011. In 2012 Lake City became a Cleansing Stream Partner church. At that time Sandy became the Cleansing Stream Coordinator at Lake City. She now also leads the Cleansing Stream Discipleship program as well.