When Only a Miracle Will Do

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Sermon Notes

So last week we talked about the fear of failure and how insidious it really is, and so we are going to keep that going another week, but we are going to put a little different spin on things this morning; what about those times when only a miracle will do?

We are going to learn from a guy who did a pretty amazing thing; by the way, you are called by God to do some pretty amazing things too!

The fact that we are around for a long time almost certainly guarantees that there will be a breakdown in faith,in fact we can be in church for years and we can still have breakdowns in faith.

So let’s use the story of a guy in the old testament who was an awful lot like the rest of us, and I think we will see some real keys to use; his name is Gideon. We have talked about him before, and I have to tell you he is one of my favorite guys in the bible. I would love to hang with this guy, for so many reasons…

He did not start off with a strong faith, although God used him to do some pretty amazing things, he did not start off strong, he actually started off rather weak.

When Only a Miracle Will Do from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.