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Sermon Notes

There is an interesting verse in the bible I want us to take a look at.
Prov. 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish…

So I started last week telling you about this journey that I invited several people to go on with me, taking a strategic look at our church and one of the first things we began to talk about was the vision that we believe that God has or LCF.
We wanted to have a vision statement that conveyed to people just what we are up to, what is the picture we see when we think about the future of LCF and that is one of the things that a vision does for you; it gives you a target to reach for…

So here is what we are working on:
Vision: to create a safe community where people can passionately pursue Jesus while learning to love others without condition, and to share His message with every person who will listen.

When we talked to people about what they need in a church, to a person; every single person listed in one of the top three spots a “safe place to pursue healing and freedom”.
How incredible; I know one of the key things in my life was going to a church where they loved me and in some cases put up with me, while I figured out a few things.
We had gone to a church before that and we just never seemed to measure up; and believe me we needed help. The little church we started going to was not perfect, and I thought they were a little weird, but the pastor, though not perfect loved on us, believed in us and above all else; he trusted God with us.
So to us, a house where you can be real, authentic, in process, free from criticism, condemnation or judgment is absolutely critical to us, and to the leadership of this church…

So why is vision so critical?

Vision from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.