Vision – Part 9

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Sermon Notes

So for the last several weeks we have been talking about our mission;
To help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus, not just believers.

And our vision; to create a community where people can passionately pursue Jesus while experiencing love with no conditions, acceptance for who they are, and forgiveness when they mess up.

Simply put it is that we are called to love God, and to demonstrate that love by loving other people; loving God is easy, loving other people can be a little tougher! When it comes to loving others, we break it down this way; to love others means we choose to love them unconditionally, accept them with no strings attached, and to forgive them when things don’t go according to our plan.
It is a sad fact that in many circles it is easier to be concerned and convinced that the church is here to serve the people already in the church; make them happy, provide for them, etc. etc. but we have discussed over the last several weeks the notion that we are Jesus with skin on to our circle of friends, we call them our “pocket churches” pockets of friends, co-workers, family that we influence as live life together

When Laury and I started our first church, we really had no idea what we were doing, we simply wanted to be part of a group of people who really loved and cared for each other. That was our stated goal.

When we had the privilege of starting this church that was our stated goal; to be a safe place for people to encounter Jesus and his healing power; we had, and continue to experience the healing power of Jesus, and we have and continue to need a safe place to grow in our faith.

I don’t think it will surprise you to know that I need grace, from you and Jesus. I struggle, I get tired, I get frustrated and if I don’t have a community to grow, to get support, to get truth; I am going to be in real trouble.

I feel sorry for those who don’t have a community that will love them, accept them and forgive them like I do; maybe they have not submitted themselves to that kind of community because they are not yet willing to offer that same thing to others first!
If the church is going to be the force in this world that Jesus wants us to be, we are going to have to learn to love, accept and forgive people. I can say that because I have discovered that people need to know you care about them before they are really willing to listen to what you believe!

But believe me when I say it is easier to tell people what you believe than it is to love people with no conditions.

Vision – Part 9 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.