Vision – Part 4

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So we have been looking at the vision and mission of our house over the last few weeks… we talked about our mission statement; “making fully devoted followers of Jesus, not just people who simply believe” and talked about a vision statement we have been working on. Our mission statement reads; “Creating a community where people can passionately pursue Jesus while learning to love others without condition, and to share His message with every person who will listen.

Some might ask, “Why is it so important to have a mission and vision statement written out?”
It gives us a target, a mission and vision keeps us pointed in the right direction; it reminds us of Jesus plan for our house and our individual lives…

• Pocket Pastor

Last week I introduced this term and concept; I did not know then how prophetic that would be. Laury and I have a couple of “pocket communities” that we love and hang with…

Vision – Part 4 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.