Vision – Part 3

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Sermon Notes

So last week we talked about vision and the “why” verses the “what and how” to this house and to our lives… if you were not here, may I humbly suggest you go online and listen to what was talked about; we want to be a house that understands the vision Jesus has for us and become the house He has destined for us to be…

That vision is to keep this house a safe place where people can passionately pursue Jesus; free from criticism or judgment, where people can be “in process” as they discover the awesomeness of our Father…
When we remember that we are all broken, we all are in need of Jesus and the healing He brings to our lives. I had a conversation this week with a young lady I have gotten to know who talked to me about her particular struggle in life; “could Jesus help her, did He care about her…”
When I told her how we are all broken, sin, our common enemy has inflicted tremendous pain and damage to all of us; we all need to be set free, because we are.

Vision – Part 3 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.