The Power of The Mind – Part 2

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I am programed to use circumstances to excuse my decisions, (this happened and therefor I am going to do this…) thinking I have put a protective buffer around me when in reality I have robbed my prosperous future; bought and paid for by Jesus and given up my birthright for a bowl of temporary fulfillment that leaves me bitter, angry and hungry! We are like Esau, trading our born again birthright of peace, joy, prosperity, family…. For a quick rush of …. You put it in there

Why? Our past, the way we believe, the ways were raised, things that have happened to us… cause me to think or believe a certain way, we have super-highways in our thinking that we automatically go down…

So in a sense we believe lies that really seem to be the truth; we have been told so many ties that 2&2 equals 7, we just assume it is true! We have been told we have no power of addictions; we are always going to be this way, for so long that we just believe it is the truth.

In fact, let me digress a bit; we get confused and turn Jesus and Christianity into a religion of do’s and don’ts and the bible becomes a rule book, when in reality, Jesus came to offer a better way, a perfect way, and the bible is actually a book of life and how to make it fantastic!

The Spirit, leads us to a more fantastic way of successful life; instead of “you have to do this or else” it becomes, “let me show you how to really live a life of fun, excitement, purpose, relationship, healing…..”
As far as I know, there is only one way to defeat lies that cause wrong thinking and that is with the truth.

The Power of The Mind – Part 2 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.