Live Like You Were Dying – Part 4

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Sermon Notes

We are in a series that deals with the question; how would I live my life differently if I knew that I only had one month to live. If I got the news that my life on earth was coming to a close how would it change the way I live my life, how would my relationships change, how would the way I spend my time change…

Most of us are caught up in what I like to call the “someday syndrome” always waiting for someday when your schedule slows down, your finances improve, or your kids grow up so you can begin to live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

So just for a moment consider how your perspective on your world would change if you found out you only had thirty days to live. After you got over the initial shock, you would probably resolve to squeeze all you could out of the days you have left. You would say what you think, you’d love with abandon, and you would focus on the things you really care about. Really, you’d stop wasting precious time, and in the time you had left you’d through yourself into becoming the person God wants you to be.

Here is the really cool thing, you do not have to wait to answer the longings of your heart, you can live right now with a life of no regrets, and you can thrive in the passion and purpose as you engage fully in each day.

But that requires that we learn to live with what is really important, deciding to live in the here and now, not putting off the life we want for some date in the future that will probably never happen.

It requires that we begin to live in and pursue the destiny that God has for us, to understand that you were made for a purpose, you were created for this season and God has great things in store for you; Jer.29:11 says that God has awesome plans for your life, you have a purpose for being here.

Live Like You Were Dying – Part 4 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.