Fearless Living – Part 14

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Sermon Notes

So welcome this morning as we wrap up our series on living a life free of fear, and wow what a trip we have enjoyed as we have looked at the promises God gives to us to live a life free from fear and the limitations that come with fear…

So let me ask you a question; what would the trajectory of your life look like if you

So last week was such a powerful week of discovery for so many people, if I could very humbly suggest that if you were not here that you download and get the notes and outline; we looked at the life of Elijah and how God took care of his needs, protected him when he was most vulnerable and gave him a new assignment, reminding him that this best days were still to come…

God took Elijah’s focus off of his problems and fears and drew his attention to his source and He gave to him a support system that would help to sustain him on the journey. God does the same for us; He protects, He gives a support system; it is called the church, He gives us a new purpose and HE will change our focus off of the situation and back on to the source of hope and life.

On our journey to emotional healing and victory there are a few things we get to remember;

• Disappointments are inevitable, but discouragement is a choice.

Fearless Living – Part 14 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.