Fearless Living – Part 12

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Sermon Notes

Good morning and happy Fourth of July! So over the last several weeks we have discussed living a life free of fear, fear of rejection, living free of bitterness, guilt, are just some of the emotions and fears we have discussed; the good thing is that you can go on-line and listen to all the weeks and really digest and let Jesus talk to you; I really believe you are going to be glad you did.

Sometimes when we are dealing with emotions that have been damaged we get profoundly discouraged and begin to wonder why God let this happen in the first place; “why isn’t He helping me? Why doesn’t He heal me?” we begin to question the power and the faithfulness of the Father and what He is up too, and that can lead to not only discouragement but something much worse; despair.

Despair is like a dark cloud that rests on top of us, smothering our hope, energy and faith in both God and ourselves; it saps us of the energy to even try to pray, or hope, or focus on God, it even saps our energy to pray and believe that God will do what His word says it will.

• Despair is a spiritual battle we must choose to fight.

Fearless Living – Part 12 from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.