Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Sermon Notes

Bad Decision?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We make about three hundred decisions every day. Some of them are as small as what shirt we were going to wear this morning to church and what shoes we were going to put on. Then, before we came to church, we had to decide whether or not we were going to comb our hair, use deodorant or change our socks from last week. Some of us are realizing right now we did not make the best decision. For others of us, our neighbors have already informed us that we did not make the best decision.

• The Choices of Life

All of us are going to be faced with decisions. Do we have the capacity to make divine decisions, or is life just dumb luck? Out of the three hundred decisions that we make every day, ten percent will be future-altering decisions that can alter our finances, our future, even our faith.

A friend calls and says we should call in sick and go boating, That will affect our finances. That will affect our future. We get angry, and our spouse says something and we choose to blow up. That will affect our marriage and our evening; we are in the dog house. We might make an impetuous decision about a relationship that will go sour. We might make a purchase too quickly and only later realize the fine print, and now we are stuck. Words of anger destroy our relationships because we have no self-control.

Then, add problems with more stress under which we need to make decisions. Not only are we making decisions about our family, our future, our finances, and our faith; but add to that our car breaks down, or our health falters, or our kids go astray, or loss of pay because of a job problem, or our boss goes ballistic about once-a-month. We have to make decisions.

Sometimes we see those people that are successful and fruitful in their family, their finances, their faith, and their future. We think they are lucky and that the chances of life just went their way. But I found out that success and fruitfulness in life are not due to the chances of life, but the choices of life. It is the choices, not the chances.

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