Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Turning Grief into Joy

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Sermon Notes

Everything around us is converted. The metal chair you are sitting on is converted from iron ore in the ground. Glass used to be silica and rock, mixed together. Cement was crushed rock and now is converted into a building.

Conversion is life. Everything around us was in one lower form and through some conversion process it became something greater. That is the secret of life. God’s design is conversion. In fact, His highest design is conversion.

Look at things like an orange; you peel the rind off. We can eat an orange and drink the juice from it without any fear of contamination. How does that pure, wonderful juice get into this orange? An orange tree is really a conversion machine. The rain falls on the ground around it and it is muddy. It can be filled with bacteria, microbes and all kinds of junk, soaking into the ground along with fertilizer and other things.

God created the roots of this tree to absorb this and through some kind of process; what was once dirty and possibly fatal if you drank it from the ground is converted into pure orange juice that we can drink without fear. The juice came from filthy dirty puddles of water.

Think about the plants and the trees; cars give off carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Trees actually take in that kind of deadly vapor and exchanges or converts it to pure oxygen. Almost everything God creates that is living is actually a conversion machine.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – Turning Grief into Joy from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.