Broken People Can’t Dance

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So good morning, so glad to see you and looking forward to this Wednesday night when hundreds of people are going to be here to enjoy a carnival we have set up for them; it is our attempt to have some fun and reach some people for Jesus…

A couple of years ago Laury and I were in Seattle, and we were walking up 1st ave. and there was this gentleman in a wheel chair and he was trying to push himself up the street and he was obviously very ill and not going to make it up the street. You see that part of 1st is up hill, it is the street that runs in front of pike place, and he wanted to go about 10 blocks in hopes of finding his friend…

A few hours later I was talking to a man and he was commenting that the problems “these people” have is because of their own choices…

We do make choices and some of them are bad; but then what?

As human beings, we sometimes do what we know is wrong. We even want to do wrong. Yet truth be told, we don’t want to suffer the consequences. Are we stupid sometimes or what? Thank God he doesn’t quit on us, he keeps coming after us and offering healing and hope…

God made us so that we won’t function well in sin. He passionately longs to protect us from messing up our lives and the lives of other people. And like so many people we are broken by sin. But because we don’t want to acknowledge God’s ways of right and wrong – even when we know it in our hearts! – we remain broken.

We say, “Who is God to tell me not to sin? I can do whatever I want with my life. I’ve got rights! God, what are You trying to do… run my life?”

That is true; it is your life and you get to do what you get to do what you want with it, but we are confused; God doesn’t want to ‘run your life,’ He wants to FULFILL it!

So where does this “me mentality” stem from?

The Tree of Life & Knowledge

In order to understand this skewed thinking, we have to go back to the beginning of the Bible, all the way back to the very first book of Genesis. It’s the beginning of mankind – Adam and Eve. These first two humans lived in a perfect world in the Garden of Eden.

Broken People Can't Dance from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.