Bring More Oil

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Sermon Notes

I know anyone under the age of forty is not going to remember this but they used to have this stuff for cuts that was called iodine. It was red, stained everything, and burned like the dickens! Every time I got a cut or scrap my mom would come at me with the bottle of iodine and pour it on me and I would scream and squirm and she would keep on pouring this stuff…

I think they outlawed it along with DDT and Agent Orange because I don’t see it anymore…

Later there was mercurochrome and Neosporin, but they are for sissies. Real men take iodine!

Our message on Bring More Oil is like an iodine lesson. Even though it might hurt at first, it is important because it will stop things that shouldn’t grow from growing. In addition, it will help us to heal and get stronger.

The Book of Proverbs uses contrasts and comparisons in couplet format to illustrate God’s truths. Proverbs says, “Good people do this; bad people do this. Wise people do this; foolish people do this. Dumb people do this; dumber people do this.”

Hopefully, we identify more with the first group of wise people than the second group of foolish ones! When I first became a Christian and someone handed me the Bible, the first thing I noticed when I opened it was there were no pictures! I wondered how I could read this. I decided I would just start at Genesis and read all the way through to Revelation. I started reading until I got to a book called Leviticus and there was no way I was going to read that!

Then I got to Proverbs with its comparisons and contrasts. I learned that a wise man does this, but a foolish man does that. For the first time in my life, I identified with the wrong side of these couplets. I thought, “Ouch! That’s me!” They were like iodine lessons, but they were so good for me because for the first time I realized I needed to make changes.

Today’s passage is like an iodine lesson because it is about five wise bridesmaids and five foolish ones. Some will identify with one and some will identify with the other. If it is an iodine lesson for you, it is okay because it may kill what you do not want to have growing in your life.

Bring More Oil from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.