A Compelling Vision

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We have been talking for a few weeks about Mission— to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus, not just people who believe only. And we have been talking about the compelling vision that God has given to us; to create a safe community where people can pursue a passionate relationship with Jesus, free to be loved, accepted and forgiven without judgment or commendation…

When I look at our world, the people I love, I don’t see evil people, or bad people, I see broken people…

A couple of weeks ago, Laury and I were having dinner with some of our friends and one of the people began to tell us how his father had committed suicide when our friend was only 10 years old; he told to us the pain and how it affected his life from that day forward.

When he was done, another of our friends told us that her father had done the same thing when she was only 11— we are sitting at a table of friends and 2 of them had suffered terribly from a terrible loss and it colored their whole life from that day forward.

We could take the time this morning to talk about why someone would take their own life; it seems like an epidemic right now. But we could agree on one thing; we are all broken and in need of someone to save us; by the way, that is exactly what Laury and I said to our friends; we are all busted and in need of serious help… great conversation with our friends who are seeking.

We as the community of Jesus followers are in a target rich environment, as we work to create a safe place where people can find help, and love and acceptance without conditions, we are going to be flooded with people seeking; they are just like us, prodigals looking for home!

A Compelling Vision from Lake City Foursquare on Vimeo.